Monday 11 March 2013


So when it came to Frenzy there was no more I could do than wait for the finished product. To bring in some much needed money I was working at various jobs up to, over, and beyond Christmas and the new year, but I felt restless. I had the urge to write and other than my blog there was nothing.

When I started this adventure, or quest, or mad journey, or what ever it may be called I had decided to just concentrate on completing the task in hand. But now as 2013 began I couldn't control myself and started the early stage of a manuscript for a second book.

I now write this blog every Monday, Wednesday,and Friday along with working as well as writing another book so my days are kept busy. Always-hanging-around was the name I gave to my blog because this is all I seemed to be doing as I waited for other people or companies in the early days, but now the waiting is nearly over.

Just ten more days and the fruits of all my hard work will be there for everyone to see (and hopefully enjoy). Frenzy (A Daniel Jones story) by Mark King will be on sale.

Of course the waiting around won't stop because it will be six months before I get to know the sales figures so once again it's a case of, always-hanging-around, but then that's life summed up.

Most people are hanging around, waiting for something to happen then there is a short brief Frenzy of action before it goes back to normal. You can't live life at a constant Frenzy because it will kill you. This is what happened in my previous job at a company that thought it was OK to work their senior managers to the point of break down.

There's no way I'm going back to that.

And if you live like that now then take a deep breath, and then a serious look at your life before it's too late for you.
ISBN 978-1-84624-877-1

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