Friday 22 March 2013

Today is the Day

Today is the day! Today is the day when Frenzy is released! Today is the day when I feel I can call myself an author! Today is the day you can see what two years of hard work, and stress can achieve!

Well yesterday was the day, but today's blog is the nearest date. I awoke on Thursday at 03.55 in the morning because my burning throat had turned into a tickle that was more annoying than a dripping tap. After spending most of Wednesday and Thursday resting against a hot water bottle my back pain has eased and other than that not much else happened on my big day, except the boiler stopped working and we had no heating, or hot water, on a day that was forecast to be the coldest of the year so far, -10.

It's a bit like loosing your virginity; afterwards you think, "is that it?" And it is! Like all things in life if you want to make it, you have to keep at it. keep learning, to keep going.

I was reminded of this by a news report I watched on the footballer David Beckham yesterday. He came from my part of the world in East Anglia and was only hours away from signing youth terms for my team Norwich City Football Club before Manchester United stepped in, and signed him up.

If you like him or you don't, you have to at least respect him because he keeps at it. David was in China and the crowds were going crazy, and he even mentioned about playing there one day. His career was written off by many so called experts after he left Man United, but he went to America  via  Real Madrid/Milan, and proved them all wrong, and now he is in France proving them wrong again at Parish Saint-German.

So today is another day and I will just have to keep at it. Like Beckham I hope to prove them all wrong, the people, and companies that kept me always-hanging-around only to say no to Frenzy by Mark King.

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