Wednesday 20 March 2013

From bad to worse

I awoke at 04.30 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. It wasn't the anxiety that was messing with my body, but the dreaded Man-flu. I went to bed on Monday with a dry throat and all through Tuesday it burned like a red hot poker. By 04.30 Wednesday morning my throat was on fire, my nose blocked up, my eyes watery, my body had the chills, but the sweats as well, and I was sneezing. That is Man-flu in my eyes, although my wife will most likely tell me to pull myself together, and say 'it's only a simple cold!'

But now it's gone from bad to worse because you will remember that two years ago, to this very week, I suffered from a crippling back injury. Something in my spine bulged out where it should not have, and I have never felt pain as terrible and for so long in my life. Since then I have been using a Chiropractor, and made a full recovery without having to go under the surgeons knife like most people.

Well this morning as I did the simple task of blowing my nose I felt a spasm of pain shoot across my lower region, and now I have a very stiff and painful back. I'm hoping it's only muscular and not spinal, and after a week or so will loosen up, and I will be back to normal.

This always happens to me when I'm stressed out and it's a sure sign that there is something else on my mind. And there is!

It's my daughter's ninth birthday (going on nineteen) this Friday, and after much badgering from her, me and the wife agreed that she can have a sleep over party with friends on this night. From what I gather from other parents who have suffered a similar fate a night in hell with Satan while he whips you would be more relaxing, and joyful experience. So for twenty hours we will have to keep entertained, feed and pampered, seven very excitable, noisy, demanding, and cheeky young girls.

I mustn't grumble though, by Thursday Frenzy will be released so there will be no turning back, Friday morning (luckily) I have another appointment with the Chiropractor who will soon sort out my back, and by 10.00am on Saturday we will be able to hand back our charges to their grateful parents. You never know, by this time next week I might be over my cold, sorry, Man-flu, and life will be back to normal!

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