Monday 25 March 2013

Thank heaven for little girls.

It's over! The weekend, at last it's over. There was a time which I refer to as B.C (before children) when the weekend was for relaxing, to take it easy, and do nothing other than think about ones own pleasure.

After B.C it all changes and this weekend is a good example. For twenty hours my wife and I had the pleasure of trying to keep seven very excitable nine year old girls entertained, and feed, at my daughters sleep over party.

What struck me was how much they have changed in just twelve months. Last year the weather was warm at her party and all she and her friends wanted to do was jump about on the trampoline, and play pin the tail on the donkey. This year two of the girls turned up with phones!. One girl not only had a phone with her, but also an Ipad!! This year it was a constant battle to get the phones turned off, and to keep their tiny minds from surfing the Internet.

I've got just a basic phone so it must say something when nine year olds have better technology than you. For short periods of time we managed on occasions to keep the decibel levels down, but most of the time is was a Frenzy of  giggling, talking, laughing, running about, and generally ignoring our instructions.

One thing that sticks in my mind is a basic difference between males and females. Generally when a man is in a small group of other males, one will be talking why the others listen, but with girls this is not the case. All seven of the little darlings would be chatting at the same time to each other while also understanding what the other six were all talking about.

It's an observation I might try and use in my next book after Frenzy.

Anyway I think they all finally went to sleep in the early hours of Saturday morning after all my failed attempts at getting them to settle down. No matter how much I stomped up the stairs calling out in my growling bear voice 'now come on girls it time to go to sleep.' It would go quite for a couple of minutes, and as I returned to my wife with thumps up my triumph would be short lived as the giggling would start, to be follwed by a Frenzy of chatter.

By 10.00am on Saturday morning their respective parents came, and picked up their girls, and I thought to myself that no matter what part of the world, be it in America, Germany,  New Zealand, or any other country, little girls will be little girls.

It didn't stop there though because the weekend was still young. We had to take my daughter off to another birthday party, then on Sunday Morning she was singing in the choir, and in the evening dancing in a show at the Hollywood in Norwich.

I was just thankful I had visited my Chiropractor on Friday morning because I don't think my back would have taken the strain.

As I sat in my seat on Sunday evening with the family watching my daughter's dance group performing on stage I was filled with love, and joy, and a song from a musical kept playing in my head. Thank heaven for little girls.

Of course it still doesn't end here because in two weeks time it's my son's fifth birthday, and the frenzy starts once again.


Mark King

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