Friday 15 March 2013

It must be hard to be a journalist

I started always-hanging-around after I had finished the manuscript to Frenzy. I could have started on another book, but I wanted to concentrate on getting Frenzy published so I held off, but I had twitchy fingers, and writing a blog for three days a week was a way to keep them happy.

I thought writing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday would be hard to complete, but its not been the case. I tried to keep each blog short and sweat and its been similar to writing a manuscript. It's been a story of my journey with a few other bits thrown in.

I could have tried to make extra income writing for the media, to become a journalist but I think this must be much harder to do in today's age with the Internet. News now is so instant it must be much harder work writing an article that is original, and that has not already been blown around the digital world within a few minutes.

As a example a few weeks ago I finally joined the world of twitter as @author-king and what a experience it has been. There I sat the other night watching the news with my lap top. I was on twitter as well as watching the live feed from the Vatican as the world waited for the door of that famous balcony to open, and the new pope to walk out.

Within 30 seconds of the new pope being revealed to the world, twitter was buzzing with his name and pictures came flooding in. 30 seconds that's all it took!

It must be hard to be a journalist and this is why I am more than happy to stay an author. But if you want an original story then last Thursday the Archbishop of Canterbury visited the fine city of Norwich, and walked from the forum to the cathedral.

I had my author's copy of Frenzy on me to show some friends, and when for one minute the Archbishop was on his own I asked if he would autograph it for me, and he did, and then the bishop of Norwich as well. I wonder if I'm the first writer to get his author's copy signed by the British version of the pope?

I may or I may not be the first author and it may not be big enough news to light up the worlds media but it's news to me, and I have decided to give away this copy of Frenzy to a good course which might hopefully raise a pound or two for a local charity.

So I doff my hat to anyone who has to make a living in today's cut throat world of journalism and wish you all the best.

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