Wednesday 6 March 2013

The mad rush

The editor's copy of my manuscript with my changes was now in the hands of Bookguild publishing and by the end of the month I had received back from them the first proof for Frenzy. It was in hard copy, eg it came printed on A4 paper. It had been proof read by their relevent person, and now I had to double check it.

It was all a mad rush. I was working to a deadline. I checked every page, made a couple of changes then signed the proofing sheet before I sent it and all the hard copy back. Bookguild then completed their final proof reading before sending out the final hard copy once again for my approval, and final signature.

Once again it was a mad rush to hit Bookguilds dead line, but this time it was because the artist who was completing some artwork for the book fell ill with heart trouble!

I didn't like pushing the artist because he was completing the work for free, but I had no choice now, I had publishing dates to reach, so I started to email him, text him and call him.

The artist is called Kevin Taylor and as I explained in one of my early posting we first met by chance in my local pub. His family is from my neck of the woods, but he lives in Hertford in Hertfordshire which made it even harder to meet up to exchange ideas.

He is just an amazing artist and one of natures nice people. I hope that through Frenzy people will be able to discover his work, and that one day he is a world famous, and successful artist.

By the skin of our teath we made it. Kevin was visiting his family and was in town for the day. I was working as a match day steward that Saturday, and on the way to the ground I met him in the Woolpack car park where the last pieces of artwork were handed over.

The final manuscript proof had already been signed off by myself and was in the hands of Bookguild, and by the next Tuesday morning the artwork was also there via special delivery post.

It has just reminded me! The artwork is still in their hands and I need to get it back as soon as I have posted this blog. My next job will be to email bookguild and ask for the artwork back.

So there I was, all finished. Christmas was hurtling towards me and soon it would be 2013 where the story reaches the present day.

As the title of the blog goes as normal I was always-hanging-around. The release date of Frenzy set by the publisher was the 28th of March 2013 (Although on Amazon and W.H.Smiths web sites it states the 21st) so as I was absolutely skint and Christmas is an expensive time when you have a young family, I had to bite the bullet and find part time work.

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