Friday 7 June 2013

FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Thursday just gone was the birthday of my deceased father-in-law so my wife's immediate family and ours went out for a meal to celebrate his memory. His sudden passing away was one of the finale events which convinced me that deep down the life I had been living was not what I really wanted, and that there was a different path I needed to take.

We are all guilty of plodding through life saying to ourselves I want to do this or I'm going to do that one day, but never quite getting around to doing it.

What ever it is all I can say is go do it, and if it's only a small thing then go do it now. It may just be telling someone near to you that you love them. It may just be an Act of Random Kindness. A quick phone call or text to tell someone you love them or how special they are to you, or just what a good friend they have been. The options are limitless even an Act of Random Kindness to a total stranger.

Just think how good you would feel if a friend phoned you out of the blue for no other reason than to tell you what a good person you are, and to say thanks for being such a brilliant friend. You would spend the rest of the day on a natural high, and so would the person who called you, and if it inspired you to then do the same to someone else then it would spread.

What ever it is you are always putting off until tomorrow then make sure you do it today because tomorrow never comes.

On that note I wish all the readers of my blog not matter where you live in the world (and my new Japanese friends) a relaxing weekend, and may the sun shine for you, your family, friends and neighbours.



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