Wednesday 5 June 2013

Goose fat in your hair
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

On Monday I visited the central library in Norwich as I try to do most Mondays. It gets me out of the house and from under the feet of my wife. It also has free wifi access for members along side tens of thousands of books. It's very popular with local immigrants who can communicate with the outside world through the Internet on dozens of free computer terminals on offer. Many different languages can be heard.

I like it. I like the influx of new energy with the vibe it radiates which city's and towns need if they are to stay alive, and keep growing.

I take along my laptop and let the hours slip by as I write, or  read, or just stare out of the window into the bright sunny day letting my imagination flow while the sounds of the world pass by my ear.

Come 2.30pm I leave so I'm ready to pick the children up from school, and then take them swimming. In years to come when they are teenagers and they have stroppy fits asking me;'so what have you ever done for me?' I will be able to reply,'well other than bringing you into this beautiful world, and giving you my untiring love, I also taught you how to swim!'

It was in the changing rooms afterwards that I heard another voice. Not the voice of God, but the voice of my son as he stood there laughing, and singing in front of everyone, 'daddy's putting goose fat in his hair, daddy's putting goose fat in his hair.' The more he sang it the more it the more it made him laugh, so the more he sang it.

Let me explain. last Christmas we had the family around our home for Christmas lunch, and trying to keep it as traditional as possible I purchased a jar of goose fat to roast the potatoes in. The jar and it's contents look very similar to the stuff I put onto my hair after I have washed it. For my children there is no difference and they both take great pleasure in mocking me.

So like I said when they are stroppy teenagers and all moody while everything is my fault, and they ask; 'so what have you ever done for me?' I will reply, 'well other than bringing you into this beautiful world, and giving you my untiring love, I also taught you how to swim, and one final thing, I would always made you laugh when I put goose fat onto my hair!'



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