Friday 21 June 2013

Camping Frenzy day 2
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Saturday morning was sunny if a bit damp with a slight chill in the air. I cooked up a breakfast of bacon and egg sandwich's on the single ring gas cooker, and the family settled to enjoy these washed down with a good old cup of tea.

The morning just drifted as I relaxed and read while trying to stop myself from nodding off after my restless nights sleep. The children ran about outside keeping themselves amused especially by chasing off the pigeons that kept inching their way towards our tent looking for scraps to feed from. My daughter came running in shouting 'daddy daddy two of the pigeons are fighting.' I put down the very thick volume I have been fighting my way through over the last couple of weeks, and went outside to investigate. She was right up to a point, there were two pigeons, but they wasn't fighting! One was on top of the other flapping it's wings wildly as it mated with the other. 'Aren't you going to stop it daddy?' I smiled at her and said, 'sometimes it's best to leave nature to it's self.'

I went back to my book. Soon lunch time had arrived but all the family were still stuffed after breakfast, and didn't need anything to eat, especially my son who complained off feeling unwell and was duly sick at the entrance to the tent. I wondered if my cooking the night before had been a cause of it, but he soon perked up. We had planned to go to the beach at Sherringham, but dark clouds came rolling in with the ever increasing wind so we all voted to go to the indoor pool on the site, and spend a few hours there.

It was a good choice as the wind got stronger and brought rain with it. The girls enjoyed the Jacuzzi and steam room why us boys stayed in and around the pool. Afterwards we had a couple of drinks in the bar then returned to our tent as the sun once again appeared. The barbecue was lit once more after much flapping by myself as I went through the same ritual as the previous day, and for a second night running the family feasted on mildly burnt meat.

By this stage I was very tired and looking forward to a good nights sleep. Would my wish come true? You will have to wait for Monday's posting.



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