Friday 28 June 2013

Scottie's Farm
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

My mate Scotty is a farmer but not in the sense that most people think of. Farms today in my part of the world in East Anglia are like the huge farms you find on the American plains; they are massive, thousands upon thousands of aches of land growing just a couple of crops that are managed by machines employing the latest technology, and very few human beings.

The farm is owned by a company that no doubt is owned by some corporation down the line somewhere, but it's a very efficient operation, and because of this my friend has a life style that farming generations before him could only dream about, although I must state, he has to work his balls off in summer working fourteen hours a day seven days a week during the harvest.

When we pulled into his driveway Scotty was cooking at his barbecue with a beer in hand with his family around him, and after a hug or two of introduction everyone settled down before we went on the grand tour of the work-shops that were behind the tall hedge which separated his work from his home.

There are no animals on this farm just massive automated solar powered storage and drying sheds, plus the work shop and storage areas for the farm vehicles. The first stop was a combined harvester and what a beast this machine was. It was frightening to stand next to it and reminded me of the Triclops machines in Frenzy that so scared humanity. You have to climb a ladder to get into the satellite controlled, air-conditioned, cabin and as I don't like heights I approached it with caution. My children and wife had no qualms, and were soon scrabbling their way up.

My son was over the moon so it was a while before I could drag all the family away so we could carry on with the rest of the tour. The final stop after seeing all the huge machines in the tractor shed was the repair work shop. Inside was a dune-buggy so while Scotty took the children for a drive back to his garden, the wife and I walked back holding hands while the midday sun beat our backs with it welcoming rays.

We feasted once again on barbecue and beer, and after much hugging, and saying our good byes we made out way home.

It was early evening by the time we had arrived back and unpacked the car. To say I was shattered would be an understatement.. When we settled down I thought everyone would be eager to watch the television, but nobody seemed bothered; it was as if using technology is a habit we get into more than a need, so it's something we could soon learn to live without if needed, again just like Daniel's family in Frenzy.



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