Friday 14 June 2013

The Long Weekend
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

By 2pm today my car will be packed, the children will have been picked up early from school, and the family should be on its way to as we are off for a long weekend of camping. I should be excited but my enthusiasm has faded over the last week alongside the deteriorating weather.

I've been on a bit of a downer this week as my mood clouded over as quickly as the grey and blacks that came rolling in with the chilly wind. I couldn't figure out why? My new book Frenzy has reached the top 5% Kindle sellers on It's now on sale throughout the world via various web based sites, and it's been getting excellent reviews on sites like and others including some on Amazon in America. There have been excellent articles printed about the book in the media at and plus the local media like Paris Life, Thorpe Directory, and the Town Council Magazine. If you type in Frenzy by Mark King into Google search a whole three pages pop up connected to the book so I've started to make my presence felt on the Internet. I've even pushed Mark King from the band Level 42 onto the fourth page, wow.

The closer I got to the weekend the deeper my mood became, and I couldn't figure out why! I should be full of excitement at the prospect of getting away from it all for a whole three days with no T.V, phone, mobile, newspapers, Internet access, laptop, then it hit me! The thought of loosing contact with the wider world is like a smoker giving up the fags or a drinker going on the waggon.

Will I be able to survive or will it be three days of hell? I will let you know on Monday.



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