Wednesday 19 June 2013

Camping Frenzy from dusk to dawn
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

The tent was up, the car unpacked, the sun was out, the children were excitedly keeping themselves busy and my thoughts now turned to feeding the family. We had the use of a single ring gas powered cooker or a miniature barbecue. The hunter-gather wild man inside of me picked the barbecue as the wife enquired when supper would be ready. 'Not long' I replied in hope as I desperately tried to get the damn thing to take light.

I felt like a native American Indian as I tired to make a fire with kindle. I used a paper plate to fan the small flames then slowly added the charcoal. I was striped to my shorts with the sun on my back with a steady supply of cider to keep thirst at bay. During small interludes I imagined what life would be like on the wide open plans.

There was no T.V, radio, phone, mobile, laptop, Internet, or newspapers to connect me to the outside world. After much fanning the barbecue coals glowed a thrilling red with energy that spat and spit as the chunky burgers dripped their sizzling juice over them. The family feasted well that evening, and after a refreshing shower the children were tucked up in their sleeping bags while my wife and I sat down to read, and gentle sip on our drinks.

Drops of rain hit the the tent. Nothing at first to cause concern, but as the sun disappeared and the night sky engulfed our flimsy home it became heavier, and heavier. By the time we both retired to our own half of the sleeping area the sound of pitter patter against the canvas had become a constant torrent. By midnight I was worried we could be flooded out of our tent plus I found it hard to get to sleep. When dawn arrived I was tired, stiff and in pain. To say it's uncomfortable when sleeping in a bag even with an air-bed to cushion you is an understatement, and there is nothing worse then having to get up in the middle of the night during torrential rain to go to the toilet that happens to be on the other side of a field.

But that doesn't matter and the memory of a restless night soon melts away when the children wake up with big smiles on their faces that show they are loving every moment of being with their father and mother.



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