Wednesday 30 January 2013

Brighton here I come.

I had finshed reading the letter from the publisher, and then read it again, then again.

It was a start, now I had to take the next step.

Bookguild publishing are not one of the super large international publishing houses, but they are established and looked the part. I had reserched them on the internet before I had approached them. I looked not only at all the good information I could find, but I also looked for any bad news about them too.

You can find out more about a company by the negative comments people make than you can by the postive comments all companies will put out. No company is going to say we are here to rip you off, or give your terrible service, no, they will always promise the earth while trying to get your money.

If you go into your laptop and search out negative comments about a company or service you want, and you get flooded by pages of results then you know you need to keep away from them.

With Bookguild I couldn't find any negative comments what so ever. No tales of people being let down, taken for a ride, or basicly being ripped off, nothing, nothing at all.

I knew the next thing I would have to do was to make a visit to Bookguild's head office in Brighton, not only to check it out, but also becasue my sister lives there and I had always promised to visit.

There was also a third reason. I needed a short break away from the wife, or to put it straight she more likely needed a break from me.  We had been under each others feet for months. I had kept myself busy with my voluntary work, going up the gym to help with my recovery from my crippling spine injury, and had been doing my share of the house work, looking after the children (plus my blog three days a week), but still there needed to be some space for us to breath.

She had already spent a weekend in London with her best friend and enjoyed every minute of it, and I must say I enjoyed having the freedom at home to do with the children what I wanted to do. Also on her returrn it felt as if she had been away for three months and not three days, and as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. The follwing week it felt as if we had only just met and fallen in Love.

My sister was more than happy to put me up and the wife was happy to see the back of me. I made contact with the Bookguild and arranged a meeting for a Friday afternoon, thus leaving me free for a weekend in Brighton after I had finished.

I booked a return train ticket and all was set.

There was a fourth reason I wanted to go, and that reason will be explained this Friday.

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