Wednesday 16 January 2013

Take it easy

I was awaiting the return of my manuscript with the final corrections from the writer's service, and there wasn't much I could do but take it easy.

The cronic pain I had been suffering was now gone and I was off the pain killers. I was still seeing the chiropractor, but now only once every two weeks. It had been hard finding the money, and at times I was tempted to give in and go to the doctors so they could put me under the knife, but I was glad I had stuck it out. I knew two other poeple who had suffered the same problem and had had surgery. Both only recoverd for a year at most before they were both back were they started, in cronic pain as their operation hadn't cured the problem. In fact one of them had gone through surgery a second time, and come out worse, and was now looking at a third, and very dangerous operation to cut some nerves in their spine.

The sun was out and I was now able to ride a bike, so I took the time to cycle with my children to school. I was still completing my two days of voluntary work, and was now helping Dangerous John every Friday down the pub as he had been inspired, and started to write his own novel, in the same way he had helped me.

For the first time in my life I was taking it easy. I didn't have the money now, but somehow the less money I had the better my life balance became, although my wife would disagree.

I was surprised when I read in a national newspaper that our very limited income now meens we offically lived under the poverty line. In felt vert strange indeed because for me I was lucky, I had a wonderful wife and children, I had my family and frinds, my health and wealth, my lovely home plus I was following my dream.

I may be poor but I feel on a personal level I am one of the richest men in the world.

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