Wednesday 23 January 2013

The reply

I had almost forgot about it. The sesson I had attended with various other unpublished people arranged through the local writer's organisation. At the time I didn't know the short conversation I had with the visiting editor during the break, while the others took time out to take in lunch, would change my manuscript with only the use of one simple word.

It was his reply!

For £50 I got more than I expected. It was two pages of review. he thought the story had potential with minor editions recommend, but for one!

The editor stated I should change the title of book. He said the story sounded as if it was a book for children; when in fact it was for young adults of both sexes, and could also be enjoyed by adults who are young at heart, and enjoyed fast pace adventure fiction.

There was a problem because I was at first not going to use my name. In fact I wanted it to be published as "by the unknown author" to give it some mystery.

Then I was going to use the lead charactor's name as the author, again just to give it mystery, and also because I didn't think it had been done before.

The first title I gave the book when I started was "Daniel Jones and The Quest for the Golden Shield."
Then I shortend it to the "The Quest for the Golden Shield, by Daniel Jones."

For the third time I changed it to "The Quest for the Golden Shield."

The chap suggested I use a more dramatic title that matched the story line, like "Frenzy."

I liked it. I liked it a lot, so I changed the title to Frenzy.

That led to another problem. Should I use my real name?

I took advice from someone I trused who said straight away without hesitation, yes.

The final manuscript became Frenzy by Mark King.

yes it's true my name is Mark King.

Over the next few months the story would become FRENY  (a Daniel Jones Story) by Mark King to seperate it from all the other books or plays that had Frenzy in their titles.

I now had the full package. A well writen fast pace story line with a great title ( and charactors) plus some potential publishing houses to approach.

So over the next week I sent by post or email my completed master-piece.

As is the case, all you are then doing in this situation is; always-hanging-around.

Would this be the time when I make the break-through?

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