Friday 18 January 2013

The snow keeps coming

The snow keeps falling, with the school closed for the last three days, and everyone at home down a nasty cold bug time can drag. More snow is coming and I know by next week, just like christmas, I will be glad to see the back of it.

Always-hanging-around that's all you do as you wait for other people, but with the editor's copy it came back quicker than I had expected. With this level of service you will get two copies of your manuscript. The first copy will show all the changes (marked in a bright colour) which you can then except or change back, and the other will be the finished article.

I read through the whole manuscript and changed back a few of things but mostly I was happy with what had been done, and as I read the story through for a second time I know new I had something that would be good enough to at least give me a sporting chance of interesting a publishing house.

I had completed my internet reserch and had found four companies I would approach with my final manucsript, but before I approached them something came through my letter box which was to change everything, and which I spent the whole week agonising over.

It was a two page letter.

Some times in life a course of action you took at the time doesn't seem, at the time, to have any bearing on your life, until at some point in the future you suddenly know that the action which you are about to take is directly connected to that course of action you took in the past.

Like the film, sliding doors, just a simple choice can end up making a big change on what path your life will take.

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