Monday 28 January 2013

Yes or No?

I pulled out the letter.

It was from a publishing house.

It was printed on nice quality paper with a full colour logo. It wasn't the normal standard reply you get with a rejection letter. The single page black on white pre-prepared print. Dear ( your name hand written in blue ink) then followed by kindly, but deadly words. Thank you for your submission but it doesn't quite fit our portfoilio, etc, etc.

This felt different before I had even started to read the text. It was from a company called Bookguild publishing based in Brighton.

My eyes went to the first line.

Dear Mark
We thoroughly enjoyed Frenzy. This is a compelling novel, written with a deft hand as you gradually lead the reader and Daniel to discoveries about the reality if his world. The set up of this world is excellent: vivid and credible, and the perfect background to Daniel's flight from the Over-seers. You maintain a swift pace throughout the narrative and keep tension levels high at all the right momemts.

The letter went on and so did the speed of my heart.

I started to jump about the kitchen, clapping my hands in joy. It took about ten minutes for me to calm down so I made myself a cup of tea, and settled down to read the remaining part of the letter.

This was just the start of another path I was to take. At this stage there are no contracts, no big money cheques, no nothing, just the inital first step, but, and it was a very big but, it was a step in the right direction.

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