Friday 11 January 2013

The writing frenzy

After my meeting with the agent I spent the first two weeks of May 2012 in a writing frenzy.

Although I hadn't been signed up as a client I had gained something very special, and that was knowledge. As with the editors report I had purchased on my earlier manuscript what seemed negative news at the time I turned around into a postive situation.

As a new writer you have to been open to all types of advice. Yes I know some people can write their first story and get a publishing deal, and an agent in one go (it doesn't happen to often), but these people will normally have had a good university education on some type of english degree course, and have friends with a friend in the industry who can give them a helping hand through the door.

For the average person who left school and went straight into work, then learnt from the university of life, it's not so straight forward. You have to except what people say about your story especially if it's negatvie news, or reviews. If you can and you don't give up trying to improve, then trying again, and again, then you will get somewhere.

By the end of May my final draft was finished, but I still needed some professional help to polish it off. I approached the internet company that had completed an editor's report for me, and had what is called an editor's copy completed. This is basicly where an editor will go through your whole story and make corrections for you in spelling, grammer and also tidy up sentences, plus make small changes when required.

I fully recommend you have this done as it just makes your manuscript look more professional when you submit it to publishers and agents. Also it's less work for them and thus less cost so they are more likely to give you a chance.

I emailed off my final draft to the Writer's Service, then as normal it was a case of always-hanging-around. Why I waited I plotted my next move and decided to give the agents a miss this time, and go direct to some publishers once again.

I spent this waiting time on the internet completing reserch of companies who may be interested in my type of story.

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