Monday 6 May 2013

Bank Holiday
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Workers of the world unite, except of course if you are young, and live somewhere in the Mediterranean like Greece where the majority of the youth are unemployed!

It's May bank holiday and it's the holiday given over to the world's workers. I don't know what constitutes a worker in today's modern times. In my large copy of The Penguin Concise English Dictionary it states a worker as, one who or that which works; wage-earner; neuter bee, ant etc.

For the last two years since I resigned from my job to write FRENZY I have struggled to answer the question when asked by strangers why talking idle chit chat; so what do you do? What could I say? I wasn't out of work, but at the same time I wasn't a published author. I was in a no-man's land.

Now it's different, I'm published, but I still find that when asked the same question again I still hesitate for a minute before I answer. Do I reply by saying I'm a writer or I'm an author?

It's a simple problem to have and I'm slowly getting use to replying; I'm an author. When I was in paid employment I used to notice how important a job title was to most individuals. They no longer say where they work, but what there job title is. It's quite a modern phenomenon, but one I used in FRENZY when Daniel is asked what's his trade is, and he replies 'I am a woodman under the the apprenticeship of my father.

A simply and basic answer to a question, but one that a lot of people struggle with now as they jazz up their job titles with long impressive sounding words. No longer a Dustbin man, but a Private Contractor Refuge Recycling Officer instead.

Who cares? Well we all do, because we are all guilty of wanting to, big up, jazz up, or what ever up, our importance in life, and that includes me. I just wish I could add the word 'Best selling' to my job title of 'Author', but at the end of the day only the readers of the world will be able to do that for me.