Monday 13 May 2013

Two years to the day
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Since the release of FRENZY six weeks ago I have been concentrating on learning a new art form.The art are getting oneself noticed. It is now two years to this day when I officially started out on my writing career. After resigning from my job in the early months of 2011, I finished work on the 12/5/11.

The saying " today is the start of the the rest of your life" bore true for me on the 13/5/2011.

When I first started I had wanted to stay totally in the shadows. I wanted no one to know who I was, not even my name, I wanted to be like the street artist Banksy. I planned to get published with no name on the cover, and defiantly never ever have any photo's of myself published.

I'm a great fan of Banksy, and believe he (everyone presumes he's male, what a shock it would cause if he was actually a she?) has achieved the ultimate balance in life. Fame and success without the need to sell his soul for the sake of the audience.

Banksy can sit on a train and have a good scrummage with his finger if his nose is itching, without having to worry that some stranger will film that personal moment on their phone, and then post the clip to various websites so that by the time he reaches his station, millions of people will have commented on his nose picking incident.

Unfortunately I had to relent. After listening to others I used my true name on the cover of the book; although after turning down my publishers strong advice I managed to keep my picture off the book cover. The problem came with the media, the only way I could get any coverage in the U.K was to submit to their demands, and have my picture taken for the various articles that have appeared, and are still to appear in the local media.

Still many followers of from America, Germany, Russia, Canada etc have purchased a copy of FRENZY through sites like and, or on Kindle without ever seeing a picture of me. Through the new media spectrum like blogs, twitter, and email you can build up your own picture of who, or what someone looks like.

On Sunday as I carried out my verger duties for a wedding I had two of the guests, who were strangers to me, come over, stop, then look at me, stop again and then say; 'don't I know you from somewhere?' I politely replied, 'no but it's pleasure to meet you,' and left it at that. I could have said, 'yes you have properly seen me in the local papers, I'm the author Mark King.' As I said in a recent posting it's the brides big day and I shouldn't do anything which would take away from that.

I would still like to be able to achieve writing success without the need to be personally famous, but I have a feeling I will find it hard to achieve this while trying to stay the Banksy of the literature world.



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