Friday 31 May 2013

Always-hanging-around once again.
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

I came up with the title of my blog because I felt I was always hanging around for other people as I set out on my journey to become a published author. I decided at an early stage to take control of the situation so I was always planning my next step along the process. I took nothing for granted, and planned what to do at every stage of rejection that was to come along. This was very important in finally getting my book FRENZY published.

Every rejection hurt me deeply, but only for a day or two, and then I moved on because I had the next stage planned. I had an open mind, I was prepared to listen, and I mean listen to every rejection. Most people like to think they can listen but in truth; they listen but they do not hear.

Every rejection like I said hurts, but every rejection told me what to do next because I listened, and I had planned my next step expecting to receive a rejection.

This is what you need to do in what ever walk of life you follow. Expect rejection, plan for it, take in on the chin, learn from it, and move on.

So we come back to the title of today's blog; always-hanging-around, and why I'm still hanging around. FRENZY has been released, it has reached the best 5% top seller on, I am building a very loyal fan base through out the world including in the U.K, America, Germany, Russia, Canada, South America and many other countries with people who have bought FRENZY by Mark King, and who have followed my life through this blog, and at twitter@author_king.

FRENZY is an entry in the EDP Jarrold East Anglia Book Award for 2013. It was an entry yesterday but the final round is not annouched until November so once again I'm hanging around for the results. Well that's what a lot of other author's will be doing, but not me. Frenzy's future does rely on this one event, but as I always say there is a but, I do believe it will get into the final of it's class because it's not only a very well written book, but it's also very exciting to read, and just stunning unique.



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