Friday 17 May 2013

From Bump to Baby
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Since posting Monday's blog FRENZY has kept climbing up the Amazon chart from 69,500 on Monday to reach 16,800 by Wednesday. From the humble beginnings at number 1,500,000 I have watched as first it got into the top 1,000,000, then into the top 500,000, then 250,000 to then break through the 100,000  barrier to finally making into the top 5%. This isn't bad when compering it against some of the other books have been released months, if not years earlier.

It's was like watching your baby grow up.

I was thinking of this the other day as me and the good wife have been clearing out cupboards, the loft, garage, and wardrobes of items ready to be sold off in the mad world of the car boot sale.

A lot of the things that we hope to move on are items purchased before, and during, the early years of our children lives. It very hard to let them go because everyone has a memory attached to it.

One thing I don't like to let go are books. I don't have a massive library, but what I do have is varied in it's content and reach, and this includes a book on babies names and other such related children's topics. Another good book for expectant parents is From Bump to Baby by Natasha Harding. We have no plans to add a third child to the super two we already have, so I don't have a need to keep these type of books on the shelves, but, and like I have said before there is always a but, I just don't like to get rid of a book once I have bought one.

My mother in law has an attic full of toys and other items which she has hoarded, and which she now uses for the grand children. At the time my father-in-law would moan and groan about it especially when they moved house, and all these old things had to move with them.

So the books are staying because you never know! Although I still like think like I'm in my twenties at heart, you never know when a book about babies or there names will come in use full in the future?



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