Friday 24 May 2013

The conspiracy
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

In Japan there is a famous painting of a giant wave called the Tsunamis. For centuries scholars have argued about if the painting was based on legend or on fact, but what they all did agree was that they would never know. How wrong were they?

Within a decade two massive tsunamis were to cause mass death and destruction. In the case of the second one the Japanese were to find out that the legend was not a story, but was based on fact as a massive tsunamis knocked into the country. Two nuclear power stations were destroyed and if the other four on site had gone the same way then the Japanese would have become the new Jews of history. The whole island would have had to be evacuated, and the whole nation would have wandered the earth for the next two thousands years before they could return to their home land.

This leads me to what happened this week in Oklahoma and the tornado the size of which people have never seen before. Event after event caused by mother nature has been more terrible than the last and more than we dare to imagine. From continent wide flooding in Australia to droughts in Russia and America.

So what is causing it?

Well if you want to know and are one of the many people who follow this blog every week from around the world then read chapter 11 The Great Silence, and chapter 20 The Diary in FRENZY, and you will have your answer.

Our glorious ruling class will scoff, and cajole us ordinary people into thinking we are wrong just as they did when leading us into a pointless war in the middle east which has now caused a deadly, and horrendous civil war throughout the Muslim world. Just like they also did with the world financial system when they lied to us, and said that uncontrolled capitalism would bring untold riches to all when in fact it was the biggest theft of wealth from so many by so few.

So go purchase your copy of FRENZY by Mark King, read it and then discuss what I have said.

Just one last passing thought; NASA was for its first four decades an institution of exploration pushing the boundaries of human endeavour and travel. For the last decade it has given up on this and has a new mission as it concocts different means of defence while it looks into deep space!




  1. You are so right we are all lied to all the time.