Monday 27 May 2013

What next?
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

What next? That very thought was going through my head last night as the family and I slept in our back garden. Let me tell you what was going on. One word says it all; Camping. Well in our case it was more of a case of tenting because we have decided to go camping in three weeks time. We are spending a long weekend at a lovely site at We went two years ago to very same place after we borrowed a neighbours tent. The family loved it so much we bought a bargain tent in a sale, and it's been sitting in the garage ever since. Until last night that is.

We decided that as it's another bank holiday weekend we would try out the tent by erecting it in our own back garden and spending Sunday night under canvas. When I say we what I should say is the wife and children because I was quite happy to sleep in my comfortable bed.

I must admit that I do like my two weeks in the sun at a decent hotel with a pool to lounge about, but as the finances are tight at the moment camping the U.K is the best I can do.

So there I was last night and did I get any sleep? Not much. Fist of all it got very cold once the sun had waved its last good bye, and it didn't take long to get damp either. My air bed was uncomfortable and when I thought I would at last get to sleep my son wanted the toilet.

I had told everyone if they wanted to answer a call of nature during the night they would have to go behind a bush in the garden, but my wife was having non of it so we ended up having to dart through the cold, back into the house, and then when finished dart back to the tent.

What next I thought. Slowly I started to drift off when the wife thought she could hear an intruder in the garden. The fence rattled then there was a thud on the dirt before a presence was felt investigating the tent. It was a bloody cat.

I was finally falling to sleep when the birds started to tweet their early morning calls to announce that the sun was on it's way. Boy o boy were they loud.

I have been knacked all day but never mind. The children just loved every moment of it and that's all that counts. We spent the morning clearing up and putting the tent away ready for our camping trip, and here I am now writing Mondays blog. I could have given it a miss today but, and as I say there is always a but, I didn't want to let down the many many people from not just the U.K, and America, and Germany, and Russia, and Canada, and New Zealand, but from all all the other parts of this wonderful world who seem to enjoy reading my thrice weekly writings.

So I'm looking forward to a good nights sleep; that's of course as long as our neighbours don't decide to have a drunken jacuzzi night in their back garden.

Sleep tight.



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