Friday 10 May 2013

When the sun is out.
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

When the sun is out so do my shorts and T-shirt. So do all the little nasties like weeds in the garden which require more time than I like to spend on them.

Talking about another little nasty that popped up this week was the news about the poor girls in Cleveland, America that had been kidnapped, and then enslaved for the last ten years. Unfortunately this has happened in the U.K, Germany, Russia, and many other countries. In some backward cultures events like this are almost legal with young girls forced into marrying older men, and then taken away never to see their families again.

Thousands of children disappear every year in the U.K and world wide there must be hundreds of thousands, if not millions. In places were males are preferred when it comes to children the imbalance in the ratio between the sexes has created a new trade in kidnapping young females to order!.

It's a terrifying prospect. It's something that terrifies myself as the father of a fantastic daughter. It must be a terrifying living death for the girls involved.

It was a theme I used in a scene in FRENZY in chapter 19 (Friends or Foes) when the young Gwendolyn faces the prospect of either being handed over to her own execution, or like so many other girls being kept in a hovel as a slave to a man's desires.

Of course it may not only be girls, young boys can be just as abused.

There is only one thing you can say for certain about this whole affair, and that is at this very moment as you are reading this short blog, out there somewhere is a young child being held against their will in a dark dingy cellar being abused to fill the sick, and perverted desires of another human being!

For every negative act you need a positive one to counter balance life so I hope where ever you are the sun is shining, and you have a enjoyable weekend.



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