Friday 26 July 2013

It's a hardlife
FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

It's a hard life, but someone has to enjoy it.

As far as I know this is my very own saying, but if you know different then let me know at the above email address. I thought about this since the birth of the new baby boy that is now third in line for the British throne. People have their different views about the royal family and Kate as a new member of this institution. Nearly all are supportive with the general feeling that life isn't hard for people like that, and all they do is enjoy themselves as if they are talking about a different species of the human race.

Well as a man who was at the birth of both his children I can tell you that it doesn't matter how blue your blood is, or how much money you have in the bank, giving birth naturally is a painful experience for the mother, and stressful for the helpless partner who can't do much other than hold hands, and pray that all will turn out OK.

Everyone's life will involve hardship in one way or another. History is littered with family's that had it all and ended up in misery. Money is no guarantee for happiness although it helps to have a positive bank statement than a negative one because debt is a stress that can be as deadly as a heart attack.

I resigned and gave up a secure income during the worst economic crises in living memory to write Frenzy and money has been the one worry, other than failing to become an author, that is always at the back of mind. Because of this I have refused to take on any debt at all, in fact I have taken every opportunity  to pay off any money owed where possible.

It's a strange situation because the family income  has dropped by 50% over the last two and a half years, but so has our personal debt to the point where last week I was able to cancel all my personal overdraft accounts. I think it must have been a case when I was working that if I had it I spent it, and if I didn't have it then I just borrowed it, and then spent it all the same.

Now I have reached this point I am determined to keep it that way this is why I stopped the over-draft facilities, but! As always there is a but, a cloud is gathering on the horizon. With the families one and only car constantly in the garage bleeding us of any valuable income, we have no choice but to get rid of it.

Of course you know my views, and that is I would like to try and live without the need for a car, but the wife isn't happy, and other members of the family are backing her, so if the car goes it will need to be replaced by another (new one) in her view. This is the cloud that is swirling towards me like the thunder storms that have hit the U.K this week. I have no debt but at the same time I have little cash to invest. I'm not due any royalty payments for Frenzy until late September so the only way at the moment for a new car is to borrow for it! A battle is brewing.

Will I win? Will the wife get her way? Keep on reading for the clap of thunder is getting closer by the day.



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