Wednesday 10 July 2013

FRENZY by Mark King

I just don't feel like it today, writing that is. I had a lovely weekend and it carried on through Monday when I took the children swimming after school, and finished yesterday evening when I helped out at my daughters Brownie's barbecue.

I awoke feeling OK and went to a spinning class in my gym at 7 am, but now there is a but, I feel tired and drab like the weather outside which has changed from glorious sunshine to a chilly grey day. I just don't feel with it. It could be tiredness after the last hectic week alongside hot muggy mights were sleeping  in comfort is hard to do. What ever it is my posting will be short.

I've eaten a banana as somewhere I think I have heard or read that they can perk you up, but if it doesn't work then I'm going to go and lay on my bed, and have a lunch time siesta.

I like having a lunch time snooze it's something I have tried to do most of my life, but it's not always practical in today's society with the busy lives we lead. In hot countries people still have the lunch time siesta and if you  have the chance to take a little nap then enjoy it, because I do.

By the way my first title for today's posting was "what to write" but now I've changed it to "siesta" and as the banana hasn't had the effect I wanted I will hopefully be in the land of happy dreams by the time you read this.



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