Friday 19 July 2013

Weather frenzy
Frenzy by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Wow what weather we have been having in the U.K recently, two weeks of wall to wall sunshine. We have not seen the like of this for nearly ten years and I love every moment of it. Not having a car to use for most of the last fortnight has not been a problem for me when it's such a pleasure to walk, bike or take the bus to where ever I need to be. Of course once normal British weather returns and it's raining, cold, and dull, then I will be thankful for the use of a car. Until then I am lapping up every moment like a thirsty dog with a bowl full of water.

The only problem with having such lovely weather is that since the launch of Frenzy I have been distracted from writing the follow up book which I have at the moment titled, DOOM (A Daniel Jones Story). There is so much work involved with promoting Frenzy plus the daily tribulations of taking an equal roll in bringing up a young family, and of course when the sun is shining all you want to do is spend time outside! The heat can wear you out, and even though it's cooler inside the sun is a draw like a cold beer to a thirsty man. With my voluntary work and other jobs I do to bring in a few extra pounds to live, like being a church verger and stewarding, my spare time for writing seems to be very limited.

I need to start concentrating on my writing once more and have been looking at making cut backs in my other commitments. One of these is my blog at always-hanging-around. For all my regular followers around the world you will know that I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It takes me about two to three hours to write each blog then another hour or two to double check spelling, grammar, make changes, and then post through various mediums.

With this in mind I have been thinking about cutting down to just two posts a week so freeing up one day where I can concentrate on writing my manuscript for Doom (A Daniel Jones Story). I do enjoy meeting people from around the world, from the U.K, Germany, U.S.A, Russia, France, Canada, China, Japan and many more from South America, Ukraine, Serbia, the list could go on and on.

The point is if you still want me to blog three times a weeks on the normal days then let me know by email at If not I will go down to two days a week, what days will it be? I don't let know , maybe every Tuesday and Thursday? Maybe every Monday and Friday? Maybe every Wednesday and Saturday? Although I know one thing it won't be on a Sunday because we all deserve a day off!



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