Monday 22 July 2013

Thank you
Frenzy by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has given me their views.

We have the car back after it spent three days in the garage refusing to play up. The mechanic diagnosed a faulty fuel injector, but when he double checked the problem cleared itself as if by divine intervention. The only thing that wasn't divine was having to pay £150 labour costs for the investigation work, but I suppose it's better than having to pay £300-400 I was expecting.

The wife was happy once more, and so was our young daughter as she packed her bags for the weekend camping trip with her Brownie group. She spent the previous weekend staying at a friends sleep-over party and has another next weekend, so for three weeks our family home will have been devoid of her presence. Our son was happy too as he didn't have to fight with his older sister for our attention.

It's strange in a way that as an adult you crave the day when your children finally grow up, and successfully leave the home so you can once again claim your own life back, but, and as I say there is always a but, I do miss her. When at night before I go to bed and check that she is safely, and soundly, tucked in I do wonder how I will feel the day when she finally says good by, and flies the nest.

I must count my lucky stars because events around the world show you can never take life for granted. One thing that did dig deep into my soul was the terrible events that happened in India when children at a primary school died after eating contaminated food. I felt for the parents because just like them I have two children at primary school who also have school dinners, and this type of thing can happen anywhere in the world. The sad thing about the whole affair is that it nearly didn't happen because the cook complained to the head teacher, but was told to carry on, and so carried out the orders.

It goes to show how easy most humans no matter where you are from, or from what back ground, will blindly follow what they are told to do. This is a thyme I use in Frenzy a Daniel Jones story as humanity believes what they are told by the Over-seers is the truth, and they happily follower the seven procedures.

Frenzy can now be purchased in India via and I hope the people from this amazing country will enjoy frenzy as much as the rest of you from around the world who have read my book, and that all children one day where ever they live will feel safe and secure. .



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