Wednesday 24 July 2013

Status 'no chance'
FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

For the moment I'm  keeping to the status 'no chance' with three posting week every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I will give it another month and try to fit all my commitment in. If it becomes to much then I will go down to two days changing to every Tuesday and Friday.

On Sunday I watched a programme on BBC 2 about Uri Geller the man with the magic touch and is best known for bending spoons, while the wife uploaded pictures, and details, of items she wished to sell through Ebay. You may think he is a fraud, you make think he has true magic, but what ever it is he defiantly has charisma.

Me personally I am a true believer in the power of the mind, and one of my favourite books is the The Secret by  Rhonda Byrne It was a book that began to change my outlook on life, slowly to start with, but once I understood it's true meaning then it helped me to make great strides.

Some people will say Uri Geller is just a magician! I wouldn't call him that I would say he is a very good self publicist. He spent most of the interview flirting with the viewer revealing a tantalising glimpse of being a possible secret agent just like James Bond while working for various governments around the world, and then at the same time refusing to admit any of it. He showed just enough flesh about his life to get you excited, but then kept most of it hidden behind denials and secrecy.

The only sad bit about the whole programme was near the end. He was living like a prisoner in his home with it's 24hr surveillance, dozens of cameras and the fear for his own life, almost paranoid not the paranormal. If that's what fame does to you then I'm happy for my books to do well while my face is known to no one but to the people that I love and friends.



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