Monday 1 April 2013

Chocolate Frenzy
ISBN 9781846248771

I had a terrible nights sleep last night!

It wasn't because I wasn't tired, because I was, but because my young son kept waking up crying, and shouting in his sleep. I kept settling him, brought him water to drink, and generally stayed by his side until he was all quite. The only problem was every time I went back to bed my mind was a Frenzy of thoughts, and I couldn't get back to sleep myself.

I think his restless night was down to all the chocolate that he, and my daughter consumed on Easter Sunday. The sheer amount of chocolate gifts of different shapes, and sizes that they were given was truly amazing. We now have bags of the staff that should last them months. I did a quick calculation and they now have between them ( and us) enough calories in all these goodies to keep a starving child alive for the year.

It has got me thinking about how lucky my family and I are to live in such a  rich part of the world. When I first started to write Frenzy one of my other aims I hoped to achieve was to get back into shape by loosing some weight. Because from the start I was crippled by my spinal injury, and probably because I'm also spending more time sitting down now I'm a writer I failed miserably in this task. I have not lost a single pound in weight. I'm not blaming anyone other than myself, and as I've spent the Easter holiday with the family I have reflected on my failure.

There are so many people around the world in need, you just have to look at the terrible situation in Syria and other war zones. Even in parts of rich countries like the U.K, America etc there are people whose need is greater then mine.

There is not much I can do about Syria, but there is in the U.K and the first thing I'm going to do is to donate my Easter chocolate I have received to the local food bank, and I will scan the cupboards to try and find some other delights that normally have me munching throughout the day.

Because what the one thing I have learnt from having a young family is that it's good to give, and to give freely, because the rewards are much sweeter than you will ever find in a Frenzy of Chocolate.


Mark King


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