Wednesday 24 April 2013

Hip Hip Hip Hooray
FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

Hip hip hip hooray the sun has got it's hat on, hip hip hip hooray.

You can't beat the warmth of a sunny spring day after a long hard winter, and today in my part of the world it feels as if we have finally left the dark cold days behind, for the next few months at least. All the trees and shrubs are now starting to bloom, and the birds are feeling frisky as they show off their wares to possible suitors.

The cloudy wet days and dark evenings of winter does have its advantages for writers. Your not distracted with the outdoors, you are happy to stay in, day-dream, and let your imagination flow through your fingers as the rain lashes the window pains.

So the sun is out and something else is also now out, Bookguild's spring/summer catalogue and in the teen section is my book FRENZY. For some reason I have been unable to upload pictures onto my blog. I have tried and tried, but with no luck. I've wanted to share with you pictures of some of the events that have shaped my last two years, especially the sleeve to FRENZY, but with no luck.

Never mind; words are fun, they describe a picture in your mind. Pictures can be fun if they are not showing  a terrible event, even numbers can be fun especially if you have plenty of positive ones in your bank account! Unfortunately my account has had a big fat negative symbol against it for many a year. Even when I was in full time paid employment I never seemed to stay long in positive territory as the needs of a young family clawed away at my best endeavours at keeping my account stashed with the cash.

But who cares when the sun is out? I will get my shorts on, my sunglasses from their protective case, and enjoy it while it lasts because unlike places like California, or the Mediterranean, the only thing you can guarantee about the British weather is that it's not predictable.

So from what ever part of the world you are from as you follow my weekly writings, be it the U.K, America, Germany, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, China, or from many other countries I hope it's sunny where you are today.


Mark King.


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