Friday 5 April 2013

Iain Banks

When I read the statement issued by Iain Banks the author that informed the world of his impeding death through Cancer I was sent back to the near past, and the day our family was sent into a deep well of shock when my farther-in-law made the same announcement.

I wrote about my father-in-law in one of my first ever postings on this blog, and it was one of the factors that gave me the final push into writing,

Known when writing science fiction and in America as Iain M Banks his words created a surge of emotion within me, and brought home how precious life is not only for you, but also the people around you. This is why after reading Iain's words I phoned my own father, and asked if he would like to come with me, and his grandson for a full English breakfast at the local cafe.

This morning three male generations of the King family sat in the Denmark Cafe on Sprowston Road in Norwich and enjoyed a few simple, but very special moments together. It may not be the most beautiful of places, but for me it was heaven. Over our breakfast I read the Sun Newspaper which they offer to their customers, and came across the section edited by Natasha Harding, then read the Friday book review.

I pondered if one day Frenzy would be successful enough to appear in the Sun's Friday book review.

Yes, I thought, it will!

One thing I know in life is that people no matter where they come from full into two groups. The first group, which is the majority, full into the negative camp because generally they will talk about why they can't or haven't done something. The smaller group of positive people will always think of a reason why they should or will do something.

As an example if it's a very cold wet day most people will look out the window and say 'it's too miserable to go for a walk' and then stay inside; where the other group will say 'It's an excellent time to go for a brisk walk' and will go out.

Iain fell into the positive group because he went out and did it, no excuses, and wrote a lot of very popular books, and if  I'm only half as successful as him then I will now that I have joined him in that group as well.


Mark King

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  1. Lovely piece of writing on how Iain Banks news brought things home to you and then you taking the family for breakfast. keep it up because I do look forward to reading your posts every Monday,Wednesday and Friday.