Monday 22 April 2013

FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

On the path I have travelled over the last two years I have set myself different goals to reach, and also prepared myself to expect more lows than highs.

The first goal was to resign from my job. This is harder to do than most people expect when the world is going through economic turmoil and recession. If you have a young family then this becomes double hard as their needs have to be your first priority in life.

The second goal was to get FRENZY out of my head and written down as a manuscript. Then came the learning process as I gathered feed back from professionals, and friends.

Next came getting the finished product into print, and this is where you hit a constant stream of lows until finally one day you find a waterfall of joy.

The final task once you are in print is to work as hard as possible on promoting your book, and you like to think that by this stage you have thought of most pit-falls, but there was one I didn't expect!

I have heard about it when concerning other people, but never thought I would have to deal with it, the Internet Troll!

The Internet troll is somebody who knows nothing about you, but takes pleasure in being as nasty as possible through the use of words via the Internet.

I've now had two such comments from total strangers through either twitter or via my blog. One of the comments just said 'you f##king c##t.'

Now many years ago I worked as a Court Bailiff, executing court warrants. It was a dangerous job with daily threats and abuse, and I even had three attempts on my life, one by a man with a baseball bat who tried to knock my head off, another man who tried to strangle me, and the third man with a carving knife. I have been attacked by dogs, bottled, glassed and put in hospital on various occasions as I played a merry dance with the grim-reaper. From a car crash to engine failure on a plane I have smelt true fear, but it still doesn't stink as much as these vile comments.

I will have to get use to it and take a positive from it. You must be full of self hatred and anger to be such a person who wants to do this, and any other nasty act, and I feel sorry for you if you are.

This weekend the weather was glorious, my team won, my family was a joy, and I spent Saturday evening over a drink or two with friends including one of the best people you could wish to meet in this world called Matthew Goreham. That's happiness.

So if you are a troll then as the Americans would say, 'wake up and smell the coffee,' because I take it as a compliment that I'm well known enough now to be commented on in the first place.


Mark King

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