Tuesday 30 April 2013

Four weddings and a funeral

FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

On Saturday I completed the tasks required for a successful church wedding. The sun was out, and so were the bottoms and breasts. One of the perks of being a man is that for most formal social events it's very easy to decide what to wear. In fact 90% of the time it's just a suit of some sorts in black, or maybe grey if required.

For women on the other hand it seems to be the total opposite. Hours spent worrying about having nothing to wear from the large selection of cloths hanging in the wardrobe only to then spend even more time changing their mind as cloths are left strewn across the bedroom.

I was given a good piece of advice by a married friend when I got engaged,'remember this, it's her big day and the only decision you will be allowed to make in the whole process is if you turn up and say; I do.'

So on the brides big day when she is the centre of attention there were a lot of other female guests who seemed to have dressed to grab what was left. There was more cleavage and pouting bums on show than you could find on a Mediterranean beach.

On Monday afternoon I completed the duties for a funeral so you would have thought it would be an easier call for the women, but the sun was out again and some of the dresses worn wouldn't have looked out of place in the Rio Carnival.

There are many awards that writers can win and if I'm ever luckily enough to win one for FRENZY or for any other book I may write, even if it's in thirty years time, I already know what I will be wearing on the occasion, a suit.

I can guarantee there aren't any women who can say the same.



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