Wednesday 3 April 2013

Yad Vashem
ISBN 9781846248771

I need your help, well not me directly but London barrister Prof Philippe Sands needs it. Why? Well in today's Eastern Daily Press is a wonderful article written by Chris Hill, and tells the story of an unknown lady called Elsie-Tilney.

She was once a Norwich girl long since gone from this world, but because of actions she took many years ago she could be honoured at Yad Vashem Israels official memorial to the Holocaust; to be listed as one of the righteous among the nations, but, and there is always a but, there needs to be a surviving relative who can accept the honour.

This is the but, non can be found at the moment because she moved to America after the war. Her brother Frederick also moved there, and is credited with discovering the world famous body builder Charles Atlas.

The article tells how Elsie was captured in Paris during war after helping a young Jewish girl escape from Austria, then was put in an interment camp for four years were she helped with the administration. It was while doing this work she changed the identities of hundreads of the Jewish inhabitants of this camp so saving them from being sent to the death camps. She also directly hid a polish soldier in her room for months, so saving his life.

If she was found out she would have faced the same fait as another lady from Norwich, the nurse Edith Cavell who was shot during the first world war.

So your help is needed. Please spend five minutes forwarding this page to others you know, and ask them to do the same, especailly if you are one of my many readers in America, Germany, U.K or France. Someone out there is related to Elsie (or knows more to the story) and if you can help find this person then please email .

The reason I have brought this story up is that we must always remember the postive things that humanity can achieve not just the negatives. Watching the national news on t.v with all its death, and destruction, rape, famine, war, murders, and general human misery can be very depressing.

Along my journey with Frenzy before I became a published author I had to encounter many moments of negative reaction that could have finished me off; but the occassional postive news kept me going, and we all need that in life. So lets do something postive together, and get  Elsie-Tilney her just reward.


Mark King

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  1. I read the story in the paper and must say it is a moving piece.I have also read Frenzy and wanted to say I am now a big fan if yours. I can't wait for your next book.