Thursday 11 April 2013

FRENZY by Mark King
ISBN 9781846248771

This weekend we have friends from Dunoon in Scotland visiting us for five days. We stayed with my wife's god-mother Val and her husband Bill, plus their lovely, if a bit sloppy, dog Dougal last year. Now we are returning the favour, and looking forward (especially the children who just adore Dougal) to showing them some of the delights that Norwich and Norfolk have to offer.

Bill Loves his Ale and as Norwich is known as the City of Ale I will be helping him enthusiastically in tasting some of the local brews down at my local, one of the best pubs in the world, The Fat Cat and Canary, managed by Christian, and hopefully to some of the other great pubs in the area including two other very good local brewers at The Coach and Horses, and the Ketts Tavern

Because I have not had the means to travel abroad for the last three years me and the family have stayed in the U.K, or in the case of my blog the world has travelled to me. I love meeting new people especially from different countries and with nearly 40% of my many readers coming from either the U.S.A, or Germany, plus through Twitter I am still able to achieve this.

I have made contact with new people from all over America, Canada, Germany, Russia, New Zealand, the list goes on, and a lot of you from this foreign lands who have followed my journey have wanted to read Frenzy.

Now you have your chance as it can be purchased in most countries, and in your local currency (English language only), through various web sites including and  and also in America at Due to the success of FRENZY in the U.K it is now available to down load on Kindle.

So please enjoy it and let me know what your thoughts are on it, and maybe if I can earn a penny or two I might just be able to travel to your wonderful country, and say hello personally.


Mark King

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  1. I must say I have had the pleasure of visiting Norwich at various times over the years and always look forward to trying out some of the local beers in the great pubs that are on offer. I would say to anyone who is thinking of visiting to go and see for yourself.