Monday 8 April 2013

The pecking order
ISBN 9781846248771
FRENZY by  Mark King

No matter where you come from, or what you do in life, or how successful you are, there is still one trait we humans share with the animal kingdom! That's the pecking order.

We have a pet chicken, the last surviving batch of six rescued birds from an animal charity. The runt of this batch was heavy pecked, and bullied by the other hens, and nearly lost all her feathers. It's the same for us humans especially in the work place, and was summed up by a news report I read which stated that middle managers are the most stressed out of people, because they get nobbed from the top, and from the bottom of the pecking order. In the case of homo-sapiens we don't loose feathers we just turn to drink, drugs, food, or sex.

But it's not just in the work place, but in daily life were we are all involved in some sort of pecking order. I had an experience today which  just goes to show where I am in that order, because you see I was interviewed by Sabah Meddings from about my new book 'Frenzy' and on Friday had some photos taken by their photographer.

Boy was I on a buzz over the weekend, and when Monday morning arrived I scampered up to the paper shop eager to buy the local paper, and read about myself inside.


There was nothing. Well there was a full page spread about the author Judy Fairbains, and a quarter page spread about another established author, Derek Landy, who was visiting the area, and a smaller article on the forth coming visit to Norwich of the author Audrey Niffenegger of The Time Traveller's Wife fame (lovely movie), but nothing on Mark King.

On the pecking order of authors I am just like a newly hatched chick. Will I end up like Hop-a-long? That's the name we gave to our little hen pecked chicken because she suffered from a deformed leg caused when she spent her early life in a small cage at a battery farm. She can only get about by hoping along so the name stuck. It seems animals can discriminate against the disabled as much as humans.

Well life may have started badly for Hop-a-long, but one by one she saw off the other hens to be the last one standing. She now has a wonderful plume of feathrs, and all the food, and space she wants. She also gets all our family love, and is the star of the show when ever someone visits; she also gets a small, if breath, mention in Frenzy.

So we all have a pecking order in life even the President of America, the Pope, and the Queen of Gt Britian, because ultimately they all come under god.


Mark King.     

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  1. American Friend12 April 2013 at 07:19

    Hi,I love the story about the chicken.